47th RELC International Seminar - Multiliteracies in Language Education

Category: Education > Achievement & Literacy 16th Apr 2012 - 18th Apr 2012

Life in the 21st century is increasingly mediated by a range of texts, both print and digital, where information is represented and communicated using multiple modalities - linguistic, visual, auditory, spatial and kinesthetic. The term multiliteracies introduced by the New London Group in 1996, signals an expanded definition of Literacy and language use as we read, view, compose, listen to, and talk about texts where meaning is communicated through an interplay of word, image, icon, and sound. These text forms have impacted literacy practices from the workplace to the play activities of children. They pose a challenge and offer an opportunity for language educators to reflect upon and re-examine how language education can best prepare learners for the 21st century.<br /><br />SEAMEO RELCs 47th annual international seminar looks at the implications of multiliteracies on language curriculum design, workplace literacy skills, pedagogy, materials development, and assessment and teacher education. The Seminar will have relevance for teachers, teacher educators and professionals involved in language teaching as it will delve into issues surrounding the incorporation of multiliteracies in language teaching and learning.<br /><br />Aims:<br /><br />The 47th RELC Seminar has the following aims:<br /><br />- To explore the theoretical bases of multiliteracies and their implication for language education and workplace language skills.<br /><br />- To look into implications of multiliteracies for language curriculum design<br /><br />- To discuss implications of multiliteracies for language education and materials development.<br /><br />- To share research on pedagogy in multiliteracies in the region and elsewhere.<br /><br />Topic Areas:<br /><br />- Theoretical frameworks for multiliteracies<br />- Language Curriculum Design<br />- Pedagogy and Classroom Practice in multiliteracies<br />- Workplace literacy<br />- Materials Design in multiliteracies<br />- Assessment of multiliteracies<br />- Pre-service and in-service teacher education

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  • SEAMEO Regional Language Centre, 30 Orange Grove Road
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  • Singapore


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