Advanced Integrative Therapy Presence and DIssociation Seminar

Category: Medical & Pharmaceutical > Disease, Disorder, & Treatment 27th Apr 2012 - 29th Apr 2012 , 09:00 AM - 05:30 PM

Disease, Disorder, & Treatment The AIT Presence and Dissociation Seminar focuses theoretically and methodologically on repairing the ways that dissociation, repression, and disapproval diminish and even destroy our clients' ability to live in the present. It provides protocols that painlessly return them to presence. The seminar includes AIT treatment for allergies, boundary issues, family issues, and emotional and physical dissociation. From the time we are very<br />small, our ability to be present in the here and now is continually diminished by trauma. Our parents' repression of our emotions may result in our inability to be emotionally present. Physical abuse may prevent our being present in our bodies. Those of us who grow up without adequate boundaries may find it difficult to be present without their protection. In most cases, our childhood experiences of family are at the root of our inability to be here now. The goal is to be present and to dwell fully in every moment physically, psychologically, and spiritually, to experience the heights and the depths of a richly and fully lived life without getting caught in our experiences of the past or our projections on the future.<br /><br />Course Topics:<br /><br />- Reversing physical dissociation, repression, and disapproval<br /><br />- Reversing emotional dissociation, repression, and disapproval<br /><br />- Creating healthy ego boundaries<br /><br />- Reversing the negative impact of the family of origin Increasing insight<br /><br />Course Objectives:<br /><br />- Understand the nature and types of presence<br /><br />- Learn the Physical Reconnection Protocol for the treatment of physical dissociation and repression<br /><br />- Learn the Emotional Reconnection Protocol for the treatment of emotional dissociation and repression<br /><br />- Learn the Family Clearing Protocol for the treatment of family of origin issues<br /><br />- Learn the Boundary Protocol for the treatment of boundary issues<br /><br />Faculty: Asha Clinton, Ph.D.

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  • Southeast Institute, 659 Edwards Ridge Road
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