Powerful Protocols That Work: Auriculotherapy Seminar

Category: General > Education 15th Oct 2011 - 16th Oct 2011 , 09:30 AM - 05:30 PM

Education A practical weekend workshop with Jim Chalmers.<br /><br />Enhance your clinical skills by learning simple but powerful techniques and effective protocols for treatments, point selection and accurate point location for use immediately in your clinic.<br /><br />This seminar provides an introduction to the system of Auriculotherapy discovered and developed by the French physician Paul Nogier. It is the original system of auricular acupuncture that allows a communication via the pulse to facilitate a diagnosis and treatment. It is that intimate link between the practitioner listening to the pulse with his/her fingertips whilst seeking active points on the ear that presents, even facilitates, opportunities to explore deeper origins of a patients condition.<br /><br />The integration of these techniques and approaches into the TCM paradigm provides the practitioner with powerful new tools to address old problems.<br /><br />Auriculotherapy is transformative. It allows your patients to heal, not just physically but emotionally and spiritually. It facilitates change.<br /><br />Seminar Content:<br /><br />- A brief history of Ear Acupuncture: the original discoveries of French Physician Paul Nogier and subsequent diverse approaches by other European and Chinese practitioners.<br /><br />- Anatomy and Enervation of the Ear.<br /><br />- Types of Points.<br /><br />- Techniques to locate active points including how to recognize the Pulse Quality known as the VAS (the autonomic response of the pulse to active auricular points and more).<br /><br />- Prioritisation of point selection.<br /><br />- Muscular Skeletal treatments.<br /><br />- Zang/Fu treatments.

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