National Seminar on Processes of Exclusion and Adivasi Rights in India

Category: Social Group > Society 15th Feb 2012 - 16th Feb 2012

The proposed national seminar aims to:<br /><br />1) explore different processes and actors responsible for Adivasi Exclusion in the post-independence period;<br /><br />2) critically review the Adivasi Rights and the sub-sequent policy initiatives that have not been properly addressed their exclusion.<br /><br />Themes:<br /><br />The seminar will cover the following broad areas. Since the major objective of the seminar is to explore various processes of Adivasi Exclusion, it is expected that the papers highlight the processes of exclusion and Adivasi Rights. The papers should be based on empirical facts having linkage with theory.<br /><br />1. Exclusion in Indian context - Theoretical Dimensions<br /><br />- What is exclusion in India, where it exists and with whom?<br /> <br />- What are the historical roots of exclusion in India?<br /><br />- Nature and causes of deprivation and exclusion.<br /> <br />- Adivasi exclusion in India bringing the realities. <br /><br />2 Poverty and Living Standards of Adivasi<br /><br />- Nature of poverty and its impact.<br /><br />- Assets and Infrastructure. <br /><br />3 Education<br /><br />- Right to Education Act 2009 and its implementation in Adivasi areas.<br /><br />- Literacy gaps with other social groups including SCs.<br /><br />- Issues in enrollment, drop-out and retention of Adivasi children.<br /><br />- Community participation and their ownership in school.<br /><br />- Culture and curriculum in the school.<br /><br />4 Health<br /><br />- Adivasi medicine.<br /><br />- Access to public health care system.<br /><br />- Child mortality and Nutrition

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  • University of Hyderabad, Central University P.O., Prof. C.R.Rao Road, Gachibowli
  • Hyderabad
  • Andhra Pradesh
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  • India


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